Why Should My Service Based Business Use Social Media Marketing?


You’ve probably heard a lot about social media marketing lately and have no doubt been inundated with all the statistics about why it’s so important. What you may still be asking is why it should be important to you. Perhaps you don’t see the value social media marketing can bring to your own business. Well, let me shed a bit more light on that for you.

It used to be that when you wanted to try out a new business or service provider you would have to meet with them face-to-face and get a feel for their personality. After all, the way in which services are delivered are just as important as the services themselves. In today’s socially connected world, that initial face-to-face now happens online. Most people will first check out your website for the services you offer and then look through your social media channels to gain a better understanding of who you really are.

Another way of thinking about it is to consider your website as your professional impression, and your social media channels as your personal impression. The real values of social media marketing shine through when your personality is expressed in the way you write, the posts you share and the way you engage with your followers. It’s like having a conversation with all of your customers at the same time where everyone can jump in and share their thoughts, ask questions and hear what you have to say. Although it sounds strange to say this, your social media channels actually provide a ‘human’ face to your company.

When managed correctly, social media can have tremendous benefits for your marketing reach and business exposure. It allows you to connect to your customers where they are most of the time – online. In doing so and engaging with them on a more personal level, they are more likely to feel comfortable enough to actually come into your business and start interacting with you face-to-face. It’s also a great way of building trust between you and your customers, as well as nurturing strong relationships and customer loyalty.

So what happens if you don’t know where to start or are too busy running the day-to-day operations of your business? You hire someone that knows how to effectively manage social media channels and will do so in the voice that best represents your company. You want someone who will spend the time to sit down with you and really understand what your business is all about. It is only then that they can share and communicate with your customers in a way that is authentic to your business.

Social media management doesn’t have to be cumbersome and complicated. If you are looking for some help, please contact us. It would be our pleasure to offer you a free assessment and discuss how best to move forward.