Optify Marketing - Improve Your SEO & Increase Site Traffic

Social media has changed the way in which we communicate. If you’re not engaging your audience on the social media channels they frequent the most, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. We understand how to effectively use social media to extend your marketing reach and we can help you by:

    • Designing, developing and managing your social media channels – whether you already have some created or are starting from scratch.
    • Researching what’s currently trending in your industry and creating a social media calendar with tweets and posts. This can include interesting articles, statistics, pictures and more that will help you get noticed.
    • Creating original content that is specific to your organization. We can do this as a blog that offers industry insight or tips and tricks, as well as snippets of information that can be added to your social media repository.
    • Carefully implementing best practices that have been tried and tested to effectively increase your social media followers. We will steer clear of the shady tactics that some other online marketer’s use, which can actually do more harm than good.
    • Reaching your mailing list through effective email marketing.

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