Optify Marketing - Improve Your SEO & Increase Site Traffic

The first step in knowing where you want to go is knowing where you are starting off at. Our in-depth benchmarking analysis will help you do that by diving deep into the following areas:

    • Understanding your business model to clearly articulate what your site is intended to do and identify your most important goals.
    • Dissecting your site content to understand what your core message is and how the textual, as well as visual content is helping to support it.
    • Going behind the scenes to look at the coding and technical details that search engines are using to rank your site.
    • Reviewing the online presence of others in your industry to evaluate what is working well for them and identify any gaps or niches that would allow you to better position your organization.
    • Collecting all of the data and compiling it into a comprehensive report that will serve as the foundation for¬†improving your online presence and extending your marketing reach.

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