Consistency is Vital to Social Media Marketing


One of the most important lessons I teach my clients is that consistency is vital when it comes to social media marketing. I have seen far too many companies out there who start off really strong with regular updates only to lose steam and fizzle out. Sometimes what happens is that the company is consistent in their posts but aren’t seeing much tangible growth in followers / likes and give up too soon. I’m here to tell you that it takes time and once you get going, you need to keep it going.

It can be hard to maintain consistency, I get it. Not just in your social media marketing but in other aspects of your business as well. However, persistence really does pay off. The key is to be organized. I like to prepare a social media calendar for my clients. It can be done 1 week in advance or 1 month in advance, whatever suits the client best. The goal is to create something ahead of time so that it’s easy to post every single day. That takes the ‘thinking’ out of it and frees up time for other tasks. It also ensures that they are consistent in their updates and aren’t losing momentum.

For those clients who are consistent at first but lose their motivation because they aren’t seeing results – wait a while. There isn’t a magic pill that will take you from 1 follower to 1,000 overnight. Remember that even when you aren’t seeing the number of followers you have increase, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t seeing what you are posting. Social media is like a big party. You might meet a bunch of people but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be best friends with them right away. Making real connections takes time and gaining followers works the same way. The worst thing you can do is give up to soon. Doing so risks losing the followers you didn’t even know you had. By maintaining consistency you build trust with those who are reading your posts, even if they don’t follow you right away.

The key with social media is to put yourself out there. You might post every week day, you might post every day, whatever the case, create a schedule and stick to it. It will take time to build a large following but with compelling and engaging content, you will reach your targets.

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